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Welcome to Drew Neat

Drew Neat is the premier garden services business in the Horsted Keynes area of Sussex.

We cater for busy clients who demand professionalism, reliability and affordability from their garden services provider. This is accomplished by meticulous organisation and our enthusiastic team of Hadlow and Plumpton (for example) trained horticulturalists.

Garden Planting in Horsted Keynes and Ardingly
Looking after town gardens in Horsted Keynes and Danehill

Clearing and refurbishing neglected gardens; plant, shrub, tree, hedge and total lawn care (ie general garden maintenance), are our main areas of focus. We have on our books many regular clients in the Horsted Keynes area and beyond, whose large gardens we fully maintain 12 months of the year. You can contact these clients directly for references if required.

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What services can we offer in Horsted Keynes?

Our formally trained, friendly gardeners view every job as a personal challenge. They are eager to demonstrate their skills, passion and knowledge to bring out the hidden beauty in your garden. Here are the main services our team in Horsted Keynes can offer you...

Grass cutting in Horsted Keynes
Large gardens in Danehill and Horsted Keynes

Garden restoration

Is your Horsted Keynes garden in a neglected condition with overgrown shrubs and general chaos? We will visit you, consult with you, and formulate a plan. We will take into consideration the time of year, budget etc., and the resulting work will generally consist of the following...

We will happily look after small gardens in Horsted Keynes
Maintaining gardens in Horsted Keynes and Ardingly

Garden maintenance

Once restored to good order, any garden needs regular care to stay in top form, even during the winter months (the best time to re-organise). Not everyone has the time or knowledge to achieve this on their own, which is where our knowledge, experience, manpower and equipment is a real asset. Some examples...

Drew Neat LawnCare in Horsted Keynes

National franchise lawn care user? We can look after ALL aspects of your lawn, not just the basics. We use minimal or zero chemicals in caring for your lawn.

All our staff in Horsted Keynes and Danehill are professionally (college) trained horticulturalists, trained in many areas up to degrees in plant science, not just operatives!


Planting design combines visual design talent with horticultural knowledge. Our qualified staff in Horsted Keynes will consult with you and update your existing planting or create new beds.

Garden restoration in Horsted Keynes
Choose us for your lawn care in Horsted Keynes

Do we only look after gardens in Horsted Keynes?

As well as Horsted Keynes, Ardingly and Danehill, our gardeners restore and maintain gardens from Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill in the west to Goudhurst and Cranbrook in the east, and from Sevenoaks in the north, down to Hailsham and Seaford on the coast.

Contact us

Please contact us by phone seven days a week from 9.00am to 9.00pm, to discuss your gardening requirements or email for a no obligation quote.

Spring & Summer in the garden
Spring and Summer gardening in Horsted Keynes

Call us today about planning your spring and summer garden maintenance schedule. We offer FREE quotes and expert staff.

Commercial Gardening Services
Commercial gardening services in Horsted Keynes amd Danehill

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Hard working gardeners wanted
Gardening jobs in Horsted Keynes and Ardingly

We are always looking for experienced self employed gardeners. Click for more details.